About Us

TCA Consulting Group Inc. is a full-service, Information Technology staffing firm providing flexible and permanent staffing solutions for organizations and career management for individuals in the specialty skill areas of information technology, including staff augmentation, end-to-end services, solution-oriented client projects and permanent placement.

With offices across the country, TCA continues to grow at unprecedented rates. This aggressive, yet controlled growth is supported by keen vision from the owner and president, Dorothy Cassandra, combined with the proven leadership and experience of the vice president of operations, John Cassandra. Dorothy and John have worked together to develop a diverse management team to execute their strategic plan. The focus is on attracting good people at all levels of the organization and creating an environment that is conducive to creativity. This focus continues to provide the rich soil necessary to grow the business without compromising what TCA does best, providing high quality service to both its consultants and clients with integrity and value.

Now in its twenty-fourth year of business, TCA has earned a reputation in the industry among its peers and more importantly, with its customers, as a company that consistently provides high quality service to both its clients and its consultants. This coveted quality is achieved through TCA's ability to first listen and understand the specific needs of each client. Recognizing the unique qualities of every requirement, TCA leverages its national database of IT professionals and ensures there is strategic alignment between the client and consultant with skill set, corporate culture, and both short and long term goals.

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